Web Design Client

Badgers Bar LTD

A classy cocktail bar in Guisborough


Jo came to us with a problem that required us to overhaul her whole website and rebuild on a new platform with a few added extras.

One of the main objectives was to allow the owner to be able to easily and effortlessly add to the site and edit current content regularly.

Badgers Bar LTD is a classy cocktail bar and we feel that we have captured that with elegant colours, fonts, and other elements used. 

Working With Jo

We loved working with Jo and felt that the whole process from begining to end went really well.

We aimed to have the project finished within 8 weeks and we smashed that and had everything ready to go within 4!

It has to be said that the quick turnaround was a testament to the client as they were ready and available with all the information needed whenever we needed it.

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